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Pistas para volver a casa

2014 - HD

Pistas para volver a casa onlineMOVIE SYNOPSIS [ General Audiences ] Dina working on the night shift laundry ; lives alone, is quite devout and smokes incessantly. Pascual does not work. She has a son and a daughter, and, since his wife left home, a neighbor veteran helps raise them in exchange for sex. Dina and Pascual have little in common except that they are brothers, forties and were baptized with names of Italian singers of the sixties. And they are not excited about the journey to be undertaken in the ramshackle car Dina: Dad went in search of mom, but misfortune left him confined to a hospital in town and you have to help even if it looks darn gagá. You can watch Pistas para volver a casa online on TV cable or theaters with original audio in Spanish at different dates. This film premiered in theaters in 2014.

Rating: 3/5 by 10 users.

Runtime: 89 minutes


Hugo Arana, Juan Minujín, Erica Rivas and Beatriz Spelzini.


Comedy, Drama, Criminal.


89-minute film (full movie) directed by Jazmín Stuart.


The original audio of Pistas para volver a casa has dialogues in or Spanish, it was produced in Argentina.


It premiered in cinemas or television in 2014.

SCREENPLAY Pistas para volver a casa

Screenplay written by Jazmín Stuart.


Daniel Ortega.

PRODUCERS OF Pistas para volver a casa

Alberto Trigo, Juan Carlos Fisner and Juan Pablo Martínez.


Composed by Guillermo Guareschi.

Pistas para volver a casa

Without commercial breaks, the full movie Pistas para volver a casa has a duration of 89 minutes; the official trailer can be watched in streaming on the Internet. You can watch this full movie free in English or Spanish in movie TV channels, renting the DVD or with VoD services (Video On Demand player, Hulu) and PPV (Pay Per View, Netflix).

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