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Al Sur de la Inocencia

2014 - HD

Al Sur de la Inocencia onlineMOVIE SYNOPSIS [ General Audiences ] Returning to the Dominican Republic from college, Vera finds Andrew his brother, has left school and no one has seen her stepfather a few days ago. That night he meets Santiago, a photographer who invites the south: a zone dying to know. Meanwhile, Andrew encounters a devastating truth about his father forces him to escape with Vera and Santiago south to avoid dealing with it. It becomes a journey of self-discovery and freedom, where Andrés Vera and witness the cycle of life and acquire the courage to enter adulthood. You can watch Al Sur de la Inocencia online on TV cable or theaters with original audio in Spanish at different dates. This film premiered in theaters in 2014.

Rating: 3/5 by 29 users.

Runtime: 90 minutes


Christian Alvarez, Sarah Jorge, Frank Perozo, Christopher Abreu Lyons, Luis Arias, Karoline Becker, Rafael Beltré, Angela Bernal, Mariano Briceño, Carmen Brugal, Carlos Báez, Nassim Dina, José Luis Díaz Ramírez, Argenis Díaz, Laura García and Ugo Gianino.


Drama, Romantic, Adventure.


90-minute film (full movie) directed by Héctor Valdez.


The original audio of Al Sur de la Inocencia has dialogues in or Spanish, it was produced in Dominican Republic.


It premiered in cinemas or television in 2014.

SCREENPLAY Al Sur de la Inocencia

Screenplay written by Cynthia F. Cota and Héctor Valdez.


Frankie Baez.

PRODUCERS OF Al Sur de la Inocencia

Yudelka Cambero, Claudette Lali, Claudette Gomez Brisson, Romig Gonzalez, Ivan Bordas Butler, Adolfo Alba, Octavio Pucheu and Fior de Valdez.


This film was produced and / or financed by Ingenio Lateral and Larimar Films House.


Composed by Sergio Marte.

Al Sur de la Inocencia

Without commercial breaks, the full movie Al Sur de la Inocencia has a duration of 90 minutes; the official trailer can be watched in streaming on the Internet. You can watch this full movie free in English or Spanish in movie TV channels, renting the DVD or with VoD services (Video On Demand player, Hulu) and PPV (Pay Per View, Netflix).

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