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Gwai Tam (The Unbelievable)

2009 - HD

Gwai Tam (The Unbelievable) onlineMOVIE SYNOPSIS [ +16 years-old ] Based on the popular TV paranormal Hong Kong the same name, The Unbelievable is a documentary film that takes audiences to the dark region ...and beyond !. Classified in category III for its shocking scenes of horror, brutality and nudity, reality become TV movie features extreme content that makes the TV version look tame in comparison. With the famous feng shui master Szeto Fat Ching in the title, the beautiful host of Rachel Chan program and the production team are in a deeply frightening trip to Southeast Asia. They break all taboos to investigate places in Thailand and Malaysia, where they have reported cases of supernatural character, leading the audience in a morgue and other sites of ghostly happenings. The director Chan Tat- Nin skillfully edited scenes of close encounters with the occult, including black magic, exorcism, witchcraft, spirit possession, happy people, the ouija board, and ghostly apparitions .. You can watch Gwai Tam (The Unbelievable) online on TV cable or theaters with original audio in English at different dates. This film premiered in theaters in 2009.

Rating: 3/5 by 220 users.

Runtime: 80 minutes


Szeto Fat-Ching, Rachel Chan and Priscilla Wong.




80-minute film (full movie) directed by Chan Tat-Nin.


The original audio of Gwai Tam (The Unbelievable) has dialogues in Dolby Digital, it was produced in Hong Kong.


It premiered in cinemas or television in 2009.

SCREENPLAY Gwai Tam (The Unbelievable)

Screenplay written by Fong Sai-Keung.


This film was produced and / or financed by Sundream Motion Pictures.

Gwai Tam (The Unbelievable)

Without commercial breaks, the full movie Gwai Tam (The Unbelievable) has a duration of 80 minutes; the official trailer can be watched in streaming on the Internet. You can watch this full movie free in EnglishDolby Digital in movie TV channels, renting the DVD or with VoD services (Video On Demand player, Hulu) and PPV (Pay Per View, Netflix).

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