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Apasionado Pancho Villa

2011 - HD

Apasionado Pancho Villa onlineMOVIE SYNOPSIS [ +16 years-old ] After the treacherous murder of Pancho Villa on the outskirts of Parral, Chihuahua, on July 20, 1923, the entire city mourns. The leader is veiled in the Hotel Hidalgo, owned by Pancho Villa, in the center of Parral, by his closest collaborators and admirers of all types. Among the mourners highlights the presence of the four women that Villa had intimate relations at the time of his death, resulting in an uncomfortable confrontation. Through a talk with the past, Luz Corral, his first wife, and recognized by both Mexican and US governments, reviews the amorous adventures of Pancho Villa -for the general fiery 18 times- contracted marriage, military and philosophical, and takes us into his unusual passion and hunger for life and justice in an intimate and human vision of famous Centauro del Norte. What might be expected, the tension between women grows and intensifies, coming to light the personal interests of each of them to detonate a dramatically unexpected end and a loop of communion with the memory of General Francisco Villa .. You can watch Apasionado Pancho Villa online on TV cable or theaters with original audio in Spanish at different dates. This film premiered in theaters in 2011.

Rating: 3/5 by 220 users.

Runtime: 123 minutes


Alejandro Navarrete, Gabriela Canudas, Verónica Jaspeado, Teresa Ruiz, Ximena Ayala, Julieta Deschamps, Tomas Rojas, Omar Mendoza, Mauricio Isaac and Valentín Trujillo.


Drama, Romantic.


123-minute film (full movie) directed by Lourdes Deschamps and Juan Andrés Bueno.


The original audio of Apasionado Pancho Villa has dialogues in or Spanish, it was produced in Mexico.


It premiered in cinemas or television in 2011.

SCREENPLAY Apasionado Pancho Villa

Screenplay written by Rafael Montero, Mario Hernández, Antonella Samaniego, Arturo Tekayehuatzin, Lourdes Deschamps, Juan Andrés Bueno, Elías Godoy Ortiz and Mayra Mendoza Villa.


Arturo de la Rosa.


This film was produced and / or financed by EFICINE 226, S.A. de C.V., S.A. de C.V., Movie Light and Realizaciones Sol.


Composed by Poncho Toledo.

Apasionado Pancho Villa

Without commercial breaks, the full movie Apasionado Pancho Villa has a duration of 123 minutes; the official trailer can be watched in streaming on the Internet. You can watch this full movie free in English or Spanish in movie TV channels, renting the DVD or with VoD services (Video On Demand player, Hulu) and PPV (Pay Per View, Netflix).

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