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Watch Kurtlar vadisi - Irak (aka In The Valley of Wolves) Online

2006 - Full Movie

Watch Kurtlar vadisi - Irak (aka In The Valley of Wolves) online streamMOVIE SYNOPSIS: You can watch Kurtlar vadisi - Irak (aka In The Valley of Wolves), full movie on FULLTV - The Valley of the Wolves evokes a real fact: the arrest on July 4, 2003, eleven members of the Turkish special forces by the U.S. military, which occurred in Suleimanieh, northern Iraq. The eleven Turkish soldiers Americans were handcuffed and their heads covered with jute bags. After being interrogated for days, they were released without being given any explanation. This incident, which was a humiliation for the Turkish people, serves as the starting point for the story of " Kurtlar vadisi - Iraq." Before killing himself, a Turkish officer suffered treating traumatized by sending a letter of farewell to his fellow Polat Alemdar: " This act is an insult to the entire Turkish nation ," he writes. Alemdar is a secret agent known as Turkish viewers, starring in a hit television series, also titled " The Valley of the Wolves ", during which the agent successfully infiltrated the Mafia. This time, Polat Alemdar part immediately to Iraq in order to avenge his friend. Your goal is to find Sam William Marshall, the U.S. official "case of jute bags ." In Iraq discover a nightmare ? ? You are able to watch Kurtlar vadisi - Irak (aka In The Valley of Wolves) online, download or rent it as well on video-on-demand services (Netflix, HBO Now), pay-TV or movie theaters with original audio in Arabic. This film has been premiered in theaters in 2006 (Movies 2006). The official release in theaters may differ from the year of production.

Film classification: General Audiences

Rating: 4/5 by 13306 users.

Runtime: 122 minutes the full movie online HD (uncut)




Action, Adventure.


The 122-minute film (full movie) was directed by Serdar Akar and Sadullah Sentürk.


Very good, managed to tell a good story and keep the audience in his chair.


The original audio of Kurtlar vadisi - Irak (aka In The Valley of Wolves) has dialogues in or Arabic. The film was produced in Turkey.


It was premiered in cinemas or television in 2006.

SCREENPLAY Kurtlar vadisi - Irak (aka In The Valley of Wolves)

Screenplay written by Bahadir Özdener, Raci Sasmaz, Ömer L?tfi Mete and Soner Yalçin.


Selahattin Sancakli.

PRODUCERS OF Kurtlar vadisi - Irak (aka In The Valley of Wolves)

Z?beyr Sasmaz, Mehmet Canpolat, Hasan Kaçan and Raci Sasmaz.


This film was produced and / or financed by Pana Film.


Original music composed by Gökhan Kirdar.


Phoenicia Pictures, Too Cool Distribution, Pachamama Cine, Maxximum Film und Kunst GmbH, At Entertainment, Arsenal Pictures, KenDa, Flashstar Home Vídeo and Future Film.

WATCH ONLINE Kurtlar vadisi - Irak (aka In The Valley of Wolves): STREAMING, BUY OR RENT


As usual, the director filmed the scenes of this film in HD video (High Definition or 4K) with Dolby Digital audio. Without commercial breaks, the full movie Kurtlar vadisi - Irak (aka In The Valley of Wolves) has a duration of 122 minutes. Possibly, its official trailer stream is on the Internet. You can watch this full movie free with English or Arabic subtitles on movie TV channels, renting the DVD or with VoD services (Video On Demand player, Hulu) and PPV (Pay Per View, Netflix Movies, Amazon Prime Video).

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