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Watch ¿Qué historia es ésta y cuál es su final? Online

2013 - Full Movie

Watch ¿Qué historia es ésta y cuál es su final? online streamMOVIE SYNOPSIS: You can watch ¿Qué historia es ésta y cuál es su final?, full movie on FULLTV - The House of Ignacio Agüero, where he lives today, in the neighborhood of Providencia, Santiago de Chile, was the trigger for the other day, his latest film. And in turn, the other day particularly and houses where Agüero lived over the years, in general, seem to have laid the cornerstone for What story is this and what is its end, a review of the work of Director made in key tribute to José Luis Torres Leiva.? I will try the frost cover my past ?, says the poem? What story is this , Jorge Teillier, and operation of Torres Leiva does not go exactly in the opposite direction, but bet to reveal the tension that may occur between that glitters, the memory of who checks a box of old photos, film and memory, what Agüero recorded in a way and perhaps remember another. What story is this and what is your end may be prologue or epilogue to this retrospective. In any case, indicating clearly which path is chosen by Ignacio Agüero to walk these days .. You are able to watch ¿Qué historia es ésta y cuál es su final? online, download or rent it as well on video-on-demand services (Netflix), pay-TV or movie theaters with original audio in Spanish. This film was premiered in theaters in 2013 (Movies 2013). The official release in theaters may differ from the year of production.

Film classification: General Audiences

Rating: 3/5 by 220 users.

Runtime: 53 minutes the full movie online HD (uncut)





The 53-minute film (full movie) was directed by José Luis Torres Leiva.


Good, meet its target to entertain. The story is interesting.


The original audio of ¿Qué historia es ésta y cuál es su final? has dialogues in or Spanish. The film was produced in Chile.


It was premiered in cinemas or television in 2013.

SCREENPLAY ¿Qué historia es ésta y cuál es su final?

Screenplay written by José Luis Torres Leiva.


Guillermo González.


This film was produced and / or financed by Fondart Regional and Dereojo comunicaciones.

WATCH ONLINE ¿Qué historia es ésta y cuál es su final?: STREAMING, BUY OR RENT

As usual, the director filmed the scenes of this film in HD video (High Definition or 4K) with Dolby Digital audio. Without commercial breaks, the full movie ¿Qué historia es ésta y cuál es su final? has a duration of 53 minutes. Possibly, its official trailer stream is on the Internet. You can watch this full movie free with English or Spanish subtitles on movie TV channels, renting the DVD or with VoD services (Video On Demand player, Hulu) and PPV (Pay Per View, Netflix Movies, Amazon Prime Video).

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